Imagine a beach that has stunning views, amazing sand and warm water that invites you to swim along the Gulf. Picture an adorable historic town in the hill country with a quaint touch of the old west or a stroll along the River Walk in San Antonio. If you’re looking for an environment that has something for everyone, then Travel Nursing in Texas is the perfect state for your interests.

Endless Assignments in Texas

As the second largest state in the United States, Texas has a diverse range of different environments and interesting activities. Do you want to ride a horse? Is camping your favorite outdoor activity? Do you love sitting on a beach and reading a great book? In Texas, you can try it all by exploring different areas of the state. Whether you want to work close to the 600 miles of stunning beaches along the Gulf of Mexico or you prefer to try hiking and camping in a state park, you can try it all in Texas.

Activities for Travel Nursing in Texas

Texas is a large state, which means you have a large amount of interesting activities and outdoor areas to explore. The state has everything from prairies to lakes and beaches. Whether you want to stay in the desert, you enjoy warm temperatures and breath-taking desert landscapes. You can also enjoy spending time at the beach near the Gulf of Mexico in areas like Corpus Christi.

If you love bird watching, then Texas is a great state for your assignment. Although Texas may have a wild-west reputation, it is actually one of the top destinations for bird watching in the country. As a warm state, many bird migrate to the area during the winter months. They also travel back and forth through the state at different times of the year, so you can see beautiful birds from a variety of species in the state by taking a birding tour.

Horseback riding is a popular activity in the state. You can enjoy riding a horse in a variety of locations and settings, including along the stunning beaches. If you’ve never ridden a horse, then you can take lessons and learn to ride during your assignment in the state.

Do you love history? If you do, then Texas is a great place for your assignment. With 500 historic sights throughout the state, you are able to take a step back in time by visiting some of the historic buildings and towns.

Travel Nursing Assignment in the State

Travel nursing in Texas provides the opportunity to enjoy the amazing wealth of activities and interesting assignments available through the area. Cure Healthcare has assignments for travel nurses in the major cities throughout the state, including Dallas, Corpus Christi, Houston and Austin. We work with hospitals and medical facilities throughout the state, so you can find an assignment that works with your goals and interests.

Specialized nurses can finds assignments throughout the large state that fit their specific areas of expertise. Whether you want to work with children, in an emergency room environment or you plan to assist doctors in specific fields, we have travel nurse positions available in Texas that work with your goals.

As a hardworking nurse, Texas can give you plenty to do in your off time, even if you just want to find a great place to relax.  Texas has it all.

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