Do you love spending time in the sun? Do you love the beach? Have you ever wanted to see a vibrant sunset or sunrise as it glints on the water? Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason, and that is the beautiful array of colors in a warm environment. The state has something to offer any travel nurse looking for a place near the water that provides a wealth of interesting activities for your downtime.

Whether you want to spend your days off lounging on the beach or you prefer to get into the water and try out the local water sports, you will find that Florida has something interesting for your time when you travel to the area. If you do not want to spend the day in the water, then consider spending your time at one of the many theme parks. You can also explore the Florida Everglades and the national parks scattered throughout the state for a day of hiking and exploring.

Activities in Florida

Florida has a wealth of activities that make it a tourist hot-spot. It is a fun place if you want to explore the local wildlife or you prefer to spend a night out on the town with new friends. Depending on your interests, you can find a variety of fun activities and entertainment for your downtime.

Spend the day at Walt Disney World or Universal Studios in Orlando when you want to let out your inner child. The theme parks give you the opportunity to run wild and enjoy the fun rides. Alternatively, sit back and watch the shows or parades that go through the theme park.

If theme parks are not your preferred activity, then consider the fishing in Fort Myers. Try out deep sea fishing for a chance to catch something spectacular on your days off. You can also enjoy spend time boating or fishing closer to the shore.

The water activities and sports are a key part of the Florida experience. When you spend time at the beach, consider trying out the different water sports. You can try surfing, body boarding or windsurfing. When spending your time on the beach, start up a game of beach volleyball. Take your time and watch the array of beautiful colors when the sun sets.

Working as a Travel Nurse in the State

Working as a travel nurse in Florida gives you a chance to enjoy the activities without the usual tourist crowds. Cure Healthcare helps connect you to the right medical facilities throughout the state to fit your area of expertise and specialization. Whether you want to work in the Orlando area or you prefer to work closer to West Palm Beach, we have options available for your preferences. The positions available in Florida for travel nurses work with major medical hospitals and popular medical facilities. We also offer positions in a variety of specializations, such as pediatric care, home health care and emergency care. You can find opportunities that fit your career experience and goals while still enjoying the beautiful state of Florida.