When you work as a travel nurse, there’s no place better to visit and work than the stunning Golden State. California has something for everyone. From small towns with a beautiful historic charm to large urban settings and fun places near the beach, you can find something interesting in any area of the state.

Whether you want to explore the cinematic capital in Hollywood or you plan to explore one of the larger cities by working in San Francisco or Los Angeles, the state has a wealth of interesting activities and aspects that set it apart for nurses. Every area of the state has something unique, so travel nurses can enjoy their time by learning about the local environment, unique cultures and diverse ethic surrounds that make the state stand out.

Fun Activities in California

California is a large state and it has so many activities and interesting sights that you can get overwhelmed by the entertainment and experience. While the specific activities available depend on the location, both the north and south parts of the state have fun activities and interesting destinations.

Let your inner child run wild by visiting Disneyland in Anaheim and meeting your favorite Disney characters. Explore the theme park and let yourself run wild on Huckleberry Finn Island or spend time watching the fun shows and parades that are a key part of the experience. If you want a park with more extreme rides and a chance to meet Snoopy instead, then try out Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park. The theme parks are within a short drive, so you can enjoy them both in your downtime.

If you enjoy nature and hiking, then visit the hiking trails in Big Sur or Yosemite National Park. The hiking trails give you a chance to enjoy the natural surroundings while still getting the exercise you want during your time as a travel nurse.

The beaches in California area key part of the experience. Take a day to enjoy listening to the sound of the Pacific Ocean and watch the stunning sunset as it falls below the waterline.

If you love history, then visit Mission San Juan Capistrano or any of the other missions available to the public. The Mission San Juan Capistrano is one of the oldest facilities in the state and it takes you back to the late 1700s.

Working as a Travel Nurse in California

California is a stunning location with an array of interesting activities when you travel as a nurse. At Cure Healthcare, we help you find the right travel nurse position in a wide array of cities and towns throughout the state. Whether you want to work in the Anaheim or Long Beach area or you prefer to work further north in San Francisco or Sacramento, we offer a variety of positions with different areas of specialization. You can find positions in a variety of medical facilities throughout the state that allow travel nurses to help residents with their health while still enjoying the beauty of the state.