When you decide to seek a position as a travel nurse through Cure Healthcare, you want to understand the role of your recruiter. A great recruiter helps you find a position that fits your skills, area of expertise and certifications as a nurse. By recognizing his or her role in your search for a travel nursing position, you have an idea of what to expect from the hiring process.  Our skilled travel nurse recruiters are located nationwide are some of the best in the industry.

A Recruiter sells your skills and boosts your career

The primary job of a travel nurse recruiter is sales.  Not to you, but to hiring managers to get you a great position with more income potential. Recruiters must sell you and your skills to help place you in a position and get you noticed. At Cure Healthcare, we strive to help you find the right position without causing discomfort or making you feel like a number. Our recruiters discuss your goals, skills and preferences as part of their process to find the right job placement.  In our world, you are the celebrity and we are your agent.  We take a white glove approach to your career and we take it seriously.

Submitting Candidates to a Position

The submission process falls into two parts: the profile and the permission. A recruiter obtains a complete profile of a candidate and ensures that the individual qualifies for an available position. They then talk to a travel nurse about the all the available positions and gain permission to submit your profile for an assignment.  The right recruiter can make all the difference.

A submission profile is complex because a recruiter must verify information and contact references as part of the process. Cure recruiters make sure your profile looks as polished and professional as you.  Yes, they ensure that every candidate qualifies for a role, has appropriate certification and have the experience required for a position, but they work to make sure your experience with Cure is seamless and professional.  At times, they may work with a third party to avoid conflicts or complications in your placement so that your schedule does not have any disruptions.

Travel nurse recruiters help you reach your goals for a position in nursing. Connecting great nurses to medical facilities and selling your skills on behalf of you is an important aspect of an assignment.  It could mean the difference in higher pay or not.

Through a combination of verifying data and discussing your abilities with appropriate hiring professionals in a medical facility,  a great recruiter can work with your situation to help you find a position in your desired location and area of expertise.

We invite you to explore Cure as your agent.