Top 5 Mistakes When Searching for a Nursing Job

The job search is the first step into a new career. As a nurse, you want to find a job that fits your experience and education. Unfortunately, many nurses make mistakes during the process of searching for a job that limit their success. By correcting your mistakes, you increase the chances of getting the job you want.

Forgetting Your License Number on Your Resume

A piece of advice you may hear when working on your resume is to avoid putting your license number on the document. A license number is a form of identification. It is not necessary to put the number on your resume, but it will help employers who need to look up your identity.

In some cases, you do not need the number because you use a job board that asks for the details. When the job board does not require a license number, put it on your resume. It will speed up the process and help employers find more details about your work history and education.

Avoiding Your GPA

A grade point average, or GPA, is not the only factor an employer evaluates when looking at your resume. It is only one part of their decision. You should be aware that leaving out your GPA raises questions about your skill and abilities.

Do not leave off your GPA on your resume. It helps tell your story. A high GPA is valuable because it shows that you have motivation to work hard and learn useful skills. Avoiding your GPA suggests that you do not have a high GPA or that you are embarrassed by your grades. Use your GPA to tell your story and illustrate your skills. For example, you may use a low GPA to show that you started off struggling with core classes or unrelated classes, but then excelled in nursing classes and clinical work. Focus on your strengths and show that you are willing to learn.

Forgetting to List Your Credentials

Your credentials are your story. It shows how hard you work as a nurse and the skills you developed to reach your current situation. Do not forget to list your credentials by your name. It will help with your search by increasing the number of keywords and showing potential employers that you have accomplished specific levels of education. You want to list your RN, BSN and any other credentials you receive on your resume.

The Limited Search

Take the time to apply to multiple medical facilities. Do not focus solely on hospitals. You may find surprising positions and opportunities available in a doctor’s office or a small clinic.

Poor Preparation

Before an interview, take the time to prepare. Research the medical facility and their goals. Learn about local salary ranges based on your level of experience. Expect questions about your education, experience and skills. Talk openly about your weaknesses and strengths as a nurse. Preparation makes it easier to handle the interview in a calm manner.

Searching for a job doesn’t stop with the application. You must prepare for the interview, continue applying to new positions and take the time to make your resume stand out. Avoid mistakes on your resume and job search by taking the time to evaluate your resume, adding your credentials and preparing for the questions that arise during an interview.

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