The holiday season is a complicated time of year for many professionals. As a travel nurse, you may pick up new job opportunities as nurses and medical staff takes a vacation and break from their normal careers. The challenge is making the most of holiday traveling without risking your health. Simple tips to help you!

Prepare for Sickness

The winter season means you have a higher risk of getting a cold or flu. While you can get a flu shot to reduce your risk, you will still face a crowded environment at the airport. That means you want to prepare for the possibility of exposure to bacteria or viruses. Work on building up your immune health before you plan your trip. Bring a travel-sized hand sanitizer you can keep in your carry-on bag and use to keep your hands free of bacteria.

Go to the Airport Early

The holiday season is also a popular time for travel. That means you will spend more time at the airport trying to get through security and any other check-points that may exist. Plan ahead and leave early to get to the airport for your flight.

Pay Attention to Your Contract

A travel nurse may need to work on a holiday. Expect to have holiday hours, especially when you pick up an assignment that focuses on peak vacation time frames. You will want to look at the details of your contract to determine if you will have work on the holiday.

Travel nursing gives you a chance to enjoy unique aspects of a new location. That does not mean you will want to ignore the potential of health risks from the travel process. When you plan to work at a new position during the holiday season, you should take measures to prepare for your trip early and limit your risk of catching a cold or the flu.