As a nurse you are already in the mindset of helping others. After all, this is the main goal of your job as a nurse. However, what if you could go the extra mile and be one of the favorite nurses at your job? If you are looking for ways to go above and beyond check out these tips.

Personalized Care

Let’s face it. You see dozens of different faces every single day, no matter whether you are a nurse at a hospital or clinic. Day after day these faces can easily blur together and make it difficult to recognize your patients. Yet providing personalized care can make all the difference among individuals in doctor’s offices, ER labs and hospitals. If you want to be remembered as one of your patients’ favorite nurses double-check the patient’s name and pronounce it correctly. Also try to remember one single point about your patients during the day so you can relate back to them about this during care. Even though your patients are one in a thousand, it will make them feel like they are important, which they are.

Specialization of Nursing Services

You want to become one of the favorite nurses of your employer, as well. This will help you stand out from the crowd in terms of job security and advancement. How can you help your medical employer? Start by gaining in specialization of nursing services. Look at the needs of your employer and get training those areas, whether that is wound care, trauma training or Spanish-speaking capabilities. By working toward improving your skills you are doing more than just being known as one of your boss’s favorite nurses. You are also advancing your personal nursing career. It’s a win-win!

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Securing a Great Nursing Job

Here’s the final tip, you want to find a nursing job that best suits your needs. Not everyone is meant to be a travel nurse or registered nurse. You want to figure out what satisfies you with nursing so you can find the best nursing job to suit your personal and professional needs. Happy nurses are more likely to be seen as favorite nurses. Consider taking per diem nursing jobs until you discover what type of nursing job or work environment is best for you. This will give you the advantage of being able to work temporarily in a nursing position until you find the perfect nursing job.

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Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy!