Nursing Job Market

When you start looking for a new position as a travel nurse, you want to understand the market conditions and the possibilities for career opportunities in different states. By understanding the nursing job market, you have the tools to navigate the opportunities available around the country and work on gaining the experience you need for your long-term goals.

Nursing Shortages May Be Regional

A nursing shortage does not necessarily apply to every locality or specific area of specialization in the healthcare industry. It may mean opportunities are available in certain regions or in different states. It may also mean an area has a shortage of specialized nurses. A shortage may also directly relate to specific types of positions. For example, a shortage may exist in elder care facilities, but not in a medical hospital or an emergency room.

Travel nurses have an advantage when a nursing shortage occurs because they travel to areas with a shortage in their chosen specialization.

The Economy Impacts Job Opportunities

Recessions and a poor economy impact nurses because fewer individuals seek medical care. When others are fired from positions, they lose their health insurance and may not be able to seek medical attention. A recession may also impact Medicare and Medicaid, which results in fewer individuals qualifying for the coverage they need to seek specific services. The result of a poor economy is a shortage of career opportunities or permanent staffing options in medical facilities or hospitals. However a poor economy impacts the Nation as a whole and currently healthcare is expected to grow at a rate of 14-16% per year based on the Healthcare Staffing Report – Strategic Assessment and Forecast.  The future nursing job market is promising.

The nursing job market reflects the overall market conditions in the country. A poor economy may result in fewer career opportunities. Shortages in nursing staff may not necessarily relate to your area of expertise or your local area. As a travel nurse working with Cure Healthcare, you have opportunities by looking at different regions and states for a position.