Texas Board of Nursing

Obtaining your degree and license as a nurse provides the opportunity to work in your state. When you live in Texas, you must comply to the standards set by the Texas Board of Nursing. You also want to work with a nursing contract agency that meets the standards of the Texas Board of Nursing and complies with regulations set by the state and local authorities.

Nurses Through Cure Healthcare

Nurses in Texas who work with Cure Healthcare are licensed professionals through the Texas Board of Nursing. They meet educational standards set by the state and comply with all regulations for their level of education and nursing standards.

Since we set very high standards for professional nurses, we comply with the strict regulations set by the state of Texas in regards to the placement of nursing or care-giving professionals.

Our Standards

At Cure Healthcare, we set high standards for all of our contract nurses and travel nurses. We ensure that every nurse is a licensed professional with experience in nursing. For specialized professionals, we evaluate a nurse’s specific are of specialization and ensure that they have the tools to handle any work requirements.

The Texas Board of Nursing provides the foundation for our standards at Cure Healthcare. We comply with the state regulations and take measures to ensure that our nurses have the skills, experience and ability to keep up with licensing requirements as they continue an education or work on building up their experience in a specialized field.