Working toward a successful career as a nurse does not have a single path. You can take an alternate route to accomplish your goals as a medical professional without giving up on your job security, benefits or a comfortable lifestyle. By considering alternative paths to a successful nursing career, you gain the opportunity to reach your lifestyle goals and help your patients with their health and well-being.

Per Diem Positions

Per diem positions give a nurse greater flexibility when compared to a traditional job in a medical facility. The position allows the nurse to work on a day to day basis, which means the professional does not need to work on a rigid schedule. It allows you to take on shifts at different times each week, so you can provide the care a loved one may need or you can take on different activities.

The positions are particularly helpful when you want to work extra shifts for any reason. You can take on an extra shift at a medical facility for extra income, building up your savings or learning new skills in nursing. It also gives you greater experience as a nurse by allowing you to work more or take on new tasks. ¬†Whatever your reasons for picking up an extra shift here or there, it’s important to be partnered with the right agency.

Local Contracts for Nursing Careers

When a day-to-day position does not appeal to your lifestyle goals, you can also take on a local contract as a nurse. Local contracts provide flexibility that is similar to a per diem position, but they also allow you to work in a facility for a longer period of time and have greater flexibility to accomplish your goals.

The positions work around the interests of an experienced nurse and give you the chance to determine your goals as a professional. You work with a medical facility to determine an appropriate contract for your situation. You can choose the number of hours, units or shifts you work in the facility and you have a set period of time for the role. The contract also gives you benefits that are similar to a travel nurse without taking you away from your loved ones or family.

If you decide to continue working in the facility, then you may have options to extend your contract. Depending on the facility and the details in the contract, you may also have options to extend your contract for a longer time period. The options to extend your contract allow you to stay longer and perform important tasks in a medical facility without giving up on your benefits.

Local contracts and per diem nursing opportunities give you a chance to reach your lifestyle goals without giving up on your career. It provides flexibility to keep up with your needs at home without giving up on your benefits or plans for the future. By taking an alternate path to reach for success in your job, you gain new experiences that lead to greater responsibilities and you enjoy the flexibility to focus on balancing your lifestyle.