What it Takes to Earn a Top RN Salary in Texas

Working in Texas as an RN offers a great opportunity to bring home top pay. However, you are competing with one of the largest labor pools for registered nurses. According to Top Registered Nurse, Texas ranked as No. 2 when it came to hiring the most RNs in 2013. Therefore if you want to earn the most money as an RN in Texas, you need to figure out what it takes to reach the top of the pay scale. Here are ways to earn the best RN salary.

RN Salary in Texas

Let’s start by looking at the pay range for Texas RNs. In Texas RN salaries range from an hourly mean of $23.83 to $39.17. The hourly average salary for an RN in Texas is $33.60, and the annual mean wage is $69,890. As you’ll see in the next section, some cities are paying even more on average than the mean. In order to find the best paying RN jobs in Texas, start by looking at the cities where you can earn the most money. Cities with high numbers of retirees and baby boomers are also a great place to go for a good RN salary. As RNs retire and make way for new RN positions, you stand the opportunity to find RN jobs that pay well in hopes of retaining top talent.

Texas Cities for High Paying RN Jobs

Certain cities in Texas pay registered nurses more per hour and annually. The BLS shows that RNs in the North Texas region and the border region of Texas, both in nonmetropolitan areas, are earning the most in the state. In the North Texas, which includes Dallas, Denton, Hunt, Palo Pinto, Hood and Navarro, RN salaries are $29.04 per hourly mean wage, and $60,400 annual mean.

The border region includes Houston, San Antonio and El Paso. Here RNs earn a mean hourly wage of $43.18, for an annual mean wage of $89,810. Ideally as an RN living in Texas, you would want to choose one of these regions to work in. Even more impressive, these regions pay RNs the top wages out of the entire country, with the top wage range from $68,930 to $133,650. If you are looking for a top paying RN salary in Texas, start by searching for RN jobs in these highest earning regions.

Increasing Your Odds

As there are 198,650 registered nurses in Texas, you want to find ways to help you stand out from the job competition. Obtaining certification and updating this as needed must be a priority. The more education and training you have, and with the greatest degree of success, the more job opportunities you’ll find in Texas. RN salary also depends on technology in the medical setting. You need to keep up with the latest tech in the medical field by attending lectures, seminars and workshops. RN conventions and conferences are a great way to expand your skills, as well as to forge networks.