When you want to work as a travel nurse, you may assume you need an extroverted personality type. After all, travel nurses are constantly meeting new people and facing new environments. When you are shy, it seems daunting to take on the role of a travel nurse. Although it may seem challenging at first, introverts can succeed as a travel nurse.

Start in Your Education

A key advantage you have as a nurse is the training you receive in education. During your studies, you learn how to handle the needs of your patients. You follow a specific routine and strategy to put your patients at ease when they need treatment or care.

Use the tools you learn during your studies. Follow the tips and advice you learn in school to respond to your patient’s needs. Keep in mind that your goal is helping with their health. By following a strategy you learn during your education, you will gain confidence during the first challenges you face.

Take a Deep Breath Before Entering a New Environment

The key challenge you face as an introvert in travel nursing is the new environment. You meet new co-workers, staff and patients every few months. That can seem daunting in the beginning. During your first assignment, take a deep breath before you walk into the hospital or medical facility. By focusing on your breathing, you will avoid feeling overwhelmed with the change. After the first few assignments, you will learn how to handle the challenges of meeting new people with each assignment.

Explore the Local Environment

During your days off, take the time to explore the local environment. Familiarity is comforting when you have an introverted personality type. By taking the time to explore the area, you become familiar with your surroundings. That helps you develop a comfort zone in each new location.

Join a Support Group

When you feel overwhelmed with the changes, consider joining a support group. The advantage of a support group is that others understand your situation. They face the same challenges and offer advice based on their own experiences. It will give you an opportunity to learn from others while you are traveling.

Keep in mind that support groups are not always in-person groups. For an introvert, the online support groups are a good choice. Use social media to connect to others who have a similar lifestyle. It gives you an opportunity to ask for help without feeling exhausted or overwhelmed.

Take a Break

As an introvert, you need time to yourself. Plan to take breaks during your days off to enjoy time alone. Spend time reading your favorite books or take a break from the world by watching your favorite shows. The time you spend away from others will help you regain the energy to handle the tasks and challenges that may arise at work.

Travel nursing does not require an extroverted personality type. As an introvert, you can still enjoy the opportunity to travel and explore new areas. The key is expecting a few challenges and having a plan to handle the initial assignments. As you learn from your experiences, you will gain confidence in your long-term success as a travel nurse.