Services We Provide

Staffing a hospital or medical facility may require travel nurses who have experience in specific fields. At Cure Healthcare, we help connect nurses to medical facilities for different positions. By recognizing the services we provide, recruiters or hiring staff can find qualified nurses without the complexities of traditional hiring strategies.

Seeking a Qualified Professional

A key service we offer is the opportunity to find a qualified professional for a position. We set specific standards for experience and education when searching for travel nurses. If you need a professional with specialized skills, then we seek out the right individual for the position.

Our ability to find a qualified professional with two or more years of experience simplifies your search for a nurse. We handle the challenges of finding the right individual for a position in your hospital or medical facility.

Verification of Compliance Standards

At Cure Healthcare, we always ensure that our travel nurses comply with your standards for licensing, certification and experience. We check on the validity of a nursing license and make sure that a professional is licensed in your state.

While we check for validity, we also verify that a nurse’s license will not expire during her term as a travel nurse in a facility. They must have a valid license in the state where they intend to work and comply with any standards set by the state and facility. We verify immunization records, drug screenings, physical exams and any other standards set by a facility for compliance with a strict adherence to JACHO Standards.

Travel nurses assist medical facilities by providing specialized skills. By working with Cure Healthcare to find the right professional, a facility avoids unnecessary hassles while hiring and ensures proper licensing and certification for a specific position. To learn more about our standards and travel nurses, contact Cure Healthcare today.