Working with Cure Healthcare as a travel nurse may result in a position in California and understanding paid sick leave for travel nurses is important. However, having some knowledge of the paid sick leave laws and the way it applies to a travel nurse, you have an idea about your rights and options if you get sick while working in the state.

Who Qualifies for Paid Sick Leave?

Paid sick leave applies to all private and public employers. As a result, it means most individuals working in California qualify for paid sick leave when they accrue a day or more of leave. Travel nurses qualify for the paid sick leave, but the amount of leave and the method of accruing sick leave may vary.

The Process of Accruing Sick Leave

When you work as a travel nurse, you may not work for more than a few months in a specific location. Despite the short-term nature of any specific position, you may qualify for a set number of paid sick leave days at the start of a year or an anniversary year if you start in the middle of a calendar year. Most employers provide a stated number of paid sick days for each year for simplicity.

Some employers may set up an accrual method that focuses on hours worked to hours of sick leave. Essentially, you earn one hour of paid sick leave if you work 30 hours. In most cases, the number of paid sick leave hours will cap at 48 hours or six days, but the exact details depend on the process set up by an employer.

Travel nurses benefit from California’s paid sick leave laws and can take off time when sick without worrying about the financial costs. At Cure Healthcare, we help travel nurses understand the state laws to avoid complications during their placement in a specific location.

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