2If you are interested in becoming a nurse the first thing you have to do is figure out what kind of nursing job is best suited for you. You can take the path of registered nurses or of licensed practitioner nurses. There are also jobs for travel nurses, flight nurses and post-anesthesia care unit registered nurses. In order to help you choose a nursing position that would let you work in an environment that stimulates and interests you, take a look at some of the most popular nursing titles.

Registered Nurses

This is one of the better paying nursing jobs in Texas with a mean annual salary of $68,164. However, in order to get jobs as a registered nurse you need to go through a vocational program or college. Registered nurses have either a certificate in nursing, or an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. This level of education requires time and money, while providing RNs with specialized skills and training that are appropriate for their level of expertise. This is also why registered nursing jobs pay well in Texas.

Nurse Practitioner

If you are not shy about getting an education or specialized training as a nurse, then a nurse practitioner nursing job could be perfect for you. In addition to the training obtained by a registered nurse, a nurse practitioner also earns a masters of science in nursing. This allows nurse practitioners to work under the direct guidance of a physician. An NP requires autonomy and responsibility that is akin to the role of a physician, but with less of an educational requirement. Therefore for nurses who want to be in a role that is as close to doctor as possible, the job title of nurse practitioner is rightly suited for them. This is also a job title that pays well as nurse practitioners earn a mean annual salary of $75,318.

Travel Registered Nurse

Do you have a passion for traveling and working with international patients? Then a job as a travel RN may be your best option. As a travel RN you are trained at the level of a registered nurse. However, you are also sent to another city in the US or another country entirely to work for weeks, months or even years. You are hired through a medical staffing agency to provide this type of service. It is ideal for nurses who want to travel the world while getting paid to travel. At the same time a job as a travel RN provides a nurse with the option of temporary employment as they are hired per gig.

Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse

For RNs who have an interest in pediatrics, a job as a labor and delivery RN is a perfect placement. Requiring the same education as a registered nurse, a labor and delivery RN is also skilled with the requests of labor and delivery. Administering epidurals, inducing labor and working with the mother to breastfeed an infant are all specializations that a labor and delivery RN must understand. For this specialization a labor and delivery RN can earn a mean annual salary of $72,045.

Job Placements for Nurses in Texas

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