per diem nursingWhen it comes to finding the perfect nursing job for you, you have to look at far more than nurse pay rates. For example, did you know there is such a thing as per diem nursing? This doesn’t refer to the way a nurse is paid. It has nothing to do with specialty services offered by nurses. So what exactly is this type of nursing?

The Basics of Per Diem Nursing

As a nurse looking for nursing jobs in your city, you will come across many per diem nursing jobs. These are temporary types of jobs in which a nurse is hired on a day to day contract. After all, per diem means “by the day” in Latin, so it makes sense to use it in this reference. A temporary nursing assignment is ideal for many situations, but it does offer a few drawbacks. Let’s dig deeper into this topic.


Benefits of Temporary Nursing Jobs

For individuals who need to find a nursing job, but whom aren’t ready for a regular, full time position, per diem nursing is quite suitable. With this type of nursing job you are hired through a medical staffing agency, such as Cure Healthcare Staffing. You get to choose nursing jobs that are super flexible in terms of location and scheduling. For example, if you are caring for an ill parent or raising small children you likely need a nursing job that offers flexibility on when and where you work. Per diem nurses enjoy this benefit.

Best of all, a per diem job in nursing pays relatively high wages compared to full time nursing jobs in the same sectors and regions. Nurses who are just starting out and unsure of where they want to work, i.e. which specialization or work environment, can take advantage of this flexibility. As a temp nurse you can leave a nursing job or location after your assignment is complete, taking with you the experience and on the job training. This can help you determine which type of full time nursing jobs you are best suited to handle. And, saving the best perk for last, as a per diem nurse you are almost never forced to work holidays or weekends, unless you choose to do so.

Cons of Per Diem Nurse Positions


As with any favorite nurse job type there are some areas that aren’t so wonderful. The biggest con with being a per diem nurse is that you are a temporary employee. This means you are not going to receive the same degree of job stability that you would if you were hired on full time. As a result, you are also out of the running for most job benefits, such as retirement plans and healthcare coverage. Another issue that happens from time to time is that per diem nursing jobs can be pulled or cancelled by the provider.

Should you look for per diem work as a nurse? Compare the pros and cons and see where you stand professionally. Every nurse has the option of choosing between temporary and full time employment. Per diem nursing simply adds options to your decision.