How Much Does a CNA Make in Texas

As you search for a CNA job the key piece of information you need to know is how much a CNA makes in Texas. The simple answer is that a CNA earns an average of $11.45 per hour in Texas. However, certain CNAs earn more than that amount and exceed the national average of $12.22. For CNAs looking for a job in Texas, how can you make sure to earn the most possible money while doing similar CNA jobs?

Medical Staffing Agency versus Medical Facility

For your next CNA job in Texas, opt for going through a medical staffing agency, such as Cure Healthcare Staffing. A medical staffing agency is going to provide you with a higher hourly rate than a medical facility. How much higher? For CNAs working directly with a medical facility the hourly range is $9 to $11 an hour. However, if the CNA is hired through a medical staffing firm they can earn $13 to $17 an hour. Over the course of a 40-hour work week, the CNA hired by the medical facility is earning $440 gross when paid $11 per hour. For the CNA working through the medical staffing agency and earning $17 an hour, they are bringing home a gross income of $680. That’s a difference of $240, or $12,480 over the course of an annual salary.

A medical staffing agency has to hire CNAs using aggressive pay rates, since these CNAs are typically hired for the short term. Thanks to the lack of long term contracts, medical staffing sourced CNAs are able to negotiate for the latest pay increases. Meanwhile those CNAs hired directly to medical facilities are stuck in contracts that reflect years’ old pay rates. In order to make the top range of what a CNA makes in Texas, choose to work through a medical staffing agency.

Boosting Your CNA Salary

As a CNA you are required to be trained as a certified nursing assistant. However, you aren’t required to receive any additional training. Don’t let this stop you from getting training and certification in other applicable areas that can help you be a better CNA. For example, if you are able to attend a training on the latest medical technology in nursing homes, take advantage of this opportunity. Typically you can deduct the expenses of attending conferences, workshops, lectures and seminars as business related expenses on your taxes, so you can reduce the overall costs in that manner. Overall, the increased skill sets you bring to your jobs as a CNA will help you when negotiating a higher CNA salary in Texas.

Cure Healthcare Staffing

At Cure Staffing in Texas, we offer the largest scale of medical staffing opportunities in the entire state. Our medical community includes East Texas, West Texas, and the big cities of Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston, just to name a few. Through the extensive reach of Cure Staffing our agents are ready and available to find the best paying CNA jobs in Texas for your next CNA position.