Healthy Eating Tips for Travel Nurses

Working as a travel nurse offers a wealth of opportunities for your career. It helps you build up experience and work with others. The challenge is staying healthy while you travel or when you take on a new job. Moving every three to six months can wreak havoc on a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, you can still keep up with a healthy diet plan when you are on the road or settling into a new location.

Stop at a Grocery Store

When you are in the midst of traveling from one location to another area, avoid the fast-food restaurants. Stop at a grocery store and opt for healthy fruits, vegetables and simple meals. By stopping at the grocery store, you have more control over your food choice.

When you travel by plane and have limited options, eat a salad with half the dressing. Avoid the fast-food restaurants if you have other options in the airport. By choosing healthier foods, you will feel more energetic during your trip.

Make Easy Meals at Home

An unfamiliar kitchen is not always the ideal place to cook, but it does not necessarily mean you must spend hours over the stove. When you are still unpacking, opt for simple and easy-to-make meals. For example, make a quinoa salad with black beans and corn. You can use canned beans or frozen corn. It does not require many ingredients or tools to make the salad, but it is a healthy and filling meal.

Eat Smaller Portion Sizes

Whether you are traveling or you are just settling into a new area, order small sizes and then eat half of your order. If you are still hungry, then eat a salad or a piece of fruit.

A key problem with restaurant meals is the portion size. Simplify the meal by separating half of the food into a box or onto a separate plate before you start eating. You can then avoid over-eating and keep your caloric intake under control.

Pack Snacks in Your Bags

Whether you are traveling on a plane or in a car, you want to take snacks in your bag. Carry the snacks with you and eat when you start to feel hungry. Opt for healthy snack foods, like nuts and dried fruits. Avoid snacks like chips or candies, which will add empty calories to your diet.

Don’t Forget to Drink Water

As a nurse, you understand the value of a healthy diet and good hydration. Do not forget to drink water or other healthy beverages while you travel. Avoid unhealthy and sugar-filled drinks like soda. If you want something other than water, then drink an herbal tea or a cup of orange juice. Hydration is particularly important when you are on a plane.

Eating a healthy diet seems challenging when you work as a travel nurse. The constant change and the hours on a flight or in a car impact your options. By working out a strategy before you travel, you can enjoy a healthy diet plan that keeps you on track and gives you the energy to care for your patients.

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