When you work as a travel nurse, you may have concerns about lodging. When a specific position does not offer lodging or when you want to find a place that fits your personal preferences, you need to take a step back and evaluate your options.

Clarify Your Options

Before you take any steps to secure lodgings, you want to clarify your options. You have three main options for a rental: extended stays in a hotel or motel, staying in a short-term furnished rental or using tools like Airbnb to find lodging. If you have a pet, then you want to make sure a rental unit allows you to bring a pet before you travel.

Extended Stays in a Hotel

Hotels and motels consider a customer a long-term stay when you plan to stay in the hotel for 30 days or more. As a travel nurse, you generally expect to stay in one location for 3 months or longer, but the exact time depends on your contract.

An advantage to staying in a hotel or a motel for the duration of your time in a new location is the service you receive. You can also negotiate with the manager to get a better rate for your stay. Do not talk to the front desk. You need to talk to a manager to get a rate that keeps up with your goals.

The downside of staying in a hotel or a motel is the cost. It will usually cost more due to the cleaning services provided by the hotel. You will want to weigh the costs carefully to determine when it helps with your goals.

Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals are an option when you want to stay in a comfortable space and enjoy a reasonable level of freedom. They may also be called a vacation rental. These rentals are usually furnished and focus specifically on short-term contracts. They offer contracts that range from a few weeks to a few months, so you want to compare the rates to find the best option.

A key advantage of a short-term rental is that they may allow you to bring a pet. Keep in mind that pets may require an additional deposit and each rental has different rules or standards.

Using Online Rental Services

When you use a service like Airbnb, you want to evaluate your options carefully. A key advantage with services like Airbnb is that you get special rates for extended visits. The downside is that you may have limited options in some areas. It is particularly limited in more rural locations.

Use caution when working with an online service. Online tools, like Craigslist, may have some good offers, but they also have bad offers as well. If something seems too good to be true based on your research of the area, then it probably has a catch.

Travel nurses are usually offered lodging or given a stipend for housing. The key to finding an option that fits your needs on a short-term basis is comparing the rental options.