3As a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) you are trained to provide basic nursing care as an entry-level healthcare provider. You work directly under a registered nurse (RN) or a physician. While you are not an independent practitioner as you must work under the guidance of an RN or doctor, you do have to be licensed. In order to get LVN jobs in San Antonio you need to train in the proper coursework, which can include:

  • More than 1,500 hours of coursework including 50 plus hours in pharmacology and more than 900 hours in clinical along with nearly 600 hours learning theory
  • It will take you anywhere from 12 to 20 months to complete the necessary training to become a licensed vocational nurse, depending on whether or not you go to school part time or full time.

Your coursework will cover topics such as communicable diseases, maternity nursing, nutrition and psychology. By the time you graduate and are a full fledged licensed vocational nurse looking for LVN jobs in San Antonio, you will be able to find work in a variety of industries.





Types of LVN Jobs in San Antonio

When you search for jobs as a licensed vocational nurse there are certain places you will be more likely to find work. These include:

  • Long term care facilities
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Surgical hospitals
  • Acute medical hospitals
  • Outpatient centers
  • Dialysis centers and blood banks
  • Psychiatric wards and hospitals
  • Teaching at vocational schools in the nursing programs
  • Prisons and county jails
  • Home care agencies

As you can see the options for finding LVN jobs in San Antonio are vast. Given that this is such a major metropolitan hub in southern Texas you are rest assured that there are plenty of LVN jobs available. However, finding the right LVN job for you can be difficult. That is where a medical staffing agency is ready to fill in the gaps.

LVN Jobs and Medical Staffing Agencies

In San Antonio one of the biggest medical staffing agencies is located. Cure Healthcare Staffing has an office in San Antonio, as well as an online platform for finding LVN jobs in San Antonio. Whether you are currently living in San Antonio, or you have aspirations of moving to this city for an LVN job, then Cure Staffing is here to help you. By creating an extensive network of hospitals, ERs and clinics, Cure Healthcare Staffing is in the perfect position to place you in a great paying LVN job in San Antonio.

Another reason why you should consider getting an LVN job through Cure Staffing is the security aspect. When you are going for your first LVN job you can easily be overwhelmed or caught up in the process. By having Cure Staffing handle the paperwork and information regarding licensure and certification requirements, you don’t have to fret with making a mistake in this part of the hiring process.

Also, giving the vast number of facilities and hospitals using Cure Staffing’s services you are better equipped to find all available LVN jobs in San Antonio. This ensures that you won’t settle for anything less than the best LVN job. To find out more about the medical hiring process via Cure Healthcare Staffing, contact our staffing professionals in San Antonio, Texas today.