4In order to make the most of your career as a CNA, your first priority is to answer the question of “How do I find CNA jobs near me?” Fortunately as a CNA living in Texas you have a strong chance of finding work as a certified nursing assistant. As you search for a CNA job here are some tips on how to find the best paying jobs in Texas. By choosing a top paying route for earning a living as a CNA you increase your opportunities to have a good career as a CNA.

CNA Jobs in Texas

If you are able to move to another part of Texas to get a good paying CNA job, you want to know where the best paying jobs are located. Texas is the largest state in the continental US with more than 82,660 CNAs employed here as of May 2015. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the metropolitan area of Texas with the highest number of employed certified nursing assistants include:

  • Houston, Texas including The Woodlands and Sugar Land

Which metro areas of Texas have the top paying CNA jobs?

  • Tyler, Texas where the annual mean wage is $38,670 and hourly wage is $18.59

For those who prefer to live outside of the city as you search for CNA jobs near me:

  • The North Texas region including Dallas and Arlington has the largest number of nonmetropolitan CNA jobs with 3,550 employed.

Other top locales for people wondering “Where are the CNA jobs near me?” include southeastern Texas in San Antonio, Houston and Austin. These major metropolitan areas offer a grand scale of job opportunities in the medical industry including for CNA jobs. To take advantage of these jobs you want to look at alternative ways to get a CNA job.

Online Job Placement Services

The internet is a powerful tool for individuals searching for where CNA jobs are in Texas. For starters you can look for job openings and apply online for CNA positions without having to spend time and money on traveling to the locations. Another benefit of online job searches is the use of medical staffing agencies, such as Cure Healthcare Staffing in Texas. As the leading medical staffing agency in the state, Cure Staffing is a top provider of CNA job placements.

From searching for CNA jobs near you to applying to the jobs that fit your experience, medical staffing agents are able to provide you with the connections you need. It is as simple as . For starters, at Cure Healthcare Staffing the medical staffing experts will place you with the most applicable CNA jobs near you. This is an option if you are unable to relocate to a city with better paying CNA jobs. Rather than settling for a job solely based on its location, Cure Staffing will find you the best paying CNA jobs nearest to you.

Connecting with CNA Partners

Once you have secured a certified nursing assistant job, you may choose to find a better paying position in Texas. Through the generous and expansive network at Cure Staffing you’ll be able to find what you are looking for. Contact Cure Healthcare Staffing today to learn more about finding a CNA job near you. Whether you live in the Heart of Texas, the Tip of Texas or the Panhandle, our agents will help you find a CNA job.