1A registered nurse provides care for patients, but they also educate the public and offer family members with medical information. In order to become a registered nurse and search for RN jobs you must be educated in nursing and be licensed. At that point you are eligible to seek registered nursing jobs in Texas. In order to apply for the best paying RN jobs you want to pursue these options.

Training as an RN

You will need to go to college or a technical institute in order to become a registered nurse. There are a few options here including:

  • A certified nursing program
  • A two-year community college
  • A technical school
  • A four-year university

You can get a degree in a nursing program, or go for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. If you want to earn more money you should look for a training program that is reputable, accredited and well-endowed with internships. For the best paying RN jobs, top ranked schools will connect nursing students with internships and clinical programs that place them in contact with the top paying hospitals and clinics. This can be the best way to find a great paying job as a registered nurse in Texas. However, if you are beyond college or vocational training, then you will want to look at a new route.

Where to Find RN Jobs

For registered nurses who are long past their college days or vocational training coursework, the best place to search for RN jobs is at specific agencies. For starters, consider the main work environments of RNs:

  • Nursing homes and long term care facilities
  • Medical and surgical hospitals
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Home health services
  • Medical clinics and ERs
  • Prisons and correctional facilities
  • Schools
  • Military posts

The best route is to choose a type of work environment that best suits you. This can take some experience in order to figure out your place. For example, if you are interested in working with the veteran community, experience in military hospitals can be the optimal place for your professional growth. For registered nurses who prefer to work with children and teenagers, a job as a school or university nurse can be well founded. High paced work environments include surgical hospitals and emergency rooms, and this is ideal for RNs who enjoy adrenaline fueled experiences.

Once you have chosen the ideal work environment for your passions and clinical knowledge as an RN, you can find the best paying RN jobs in that field of specialization.

Pay Scale for RN Jobs

Now it’s time to look at what you can expect in terms of earnings as an RN. This will ensure you are getting the pay that is expected of your RN job, and that you aren’t being undercut.

  • The median pay for a registered nurse in 2015 was $67,490 a year and $32.45 per hour according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This is the range you want to aim for when searching for your next RN job in Texas. With experience and skills geared at a special work environment, such as prisons or long term care facilities, you will be able to increase your base pay rate when getting hired. Another way to get paid more for your next RN job in Texas is to seek out the professional medical staffing services of Cure Healthcare Staffing.