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Accelerate Your Hiring With Cure Healthcare Staffing

With Cure Healthcare Staffing providing your hiring, placement and onboarding needs, your facility will benefit from our staffing expertise and experienced associates. Our recruiting process and outsourcing experts provide the right candidates for positions and offer a customized service. Our management team knows how to best assist your facility and help create workforce solutions for the long term.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Cure’s Staffing Advantage

We respect our client growing demands and therefore have adopted a Recruitment Process Outsourcing, or RPO, model that is the most suitable for the unique demands of your organization. Whether fast hiring for urgent projects or long-term engagements across a wide range of clinical specialties, we offer a demand-driven, customizable RPO solution that is crafted to deliver client goals. We help represent your organization during the hiring process offering the flexibility needed by the facility to successfully staff any position. We offer an RPO partnership with the ability to find the best quality candidates that are extensively screened and certified.

As an alternative to working with several placement firms, collaborating with Cure Healthcare Staffing can provide you with cost-saving solutions that streamline your staffing process. Our dedicated teams deliver global recruitment experience and expertise, high standard management resources access to the largest and most qualified network of talent in the healthcare industry. All of this leading to reduced costs per hire with less vacancy rates and more time to fill staffing needs and most importantly, enhance your hiring manager satisfaction.


Cure Healthcare Staffing’s RPO model is engineered to perfection for managing quality and time sensitive and requirements as well project-based positions for certain clinical specialties. Our quick hiring model of RPO is best suited for expansion projects and targeted outsourcing for PRN or per diem positions. However, the RPO model offers all-inclusive, end-to-end solutions for all major needs of your clinical placements including physician recruitments and allied healthcare.

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