Locum Tenens Workforce Solutions

Locum Tenens Workforce Solutions

Managed Services Program

Cure Healthcare Staffing offers a financially proven solution to locum tenens workforce staffing. We have a unique method of managing your organization’s temporary staffing by providing enhanced effectiveness, easy management, and cost savings. Our program provides a comprehensive approach to your temporary workforce needs. We assist in the organization and procurement procedures and reserve significant time and resource expenditures for HR departments. We are able to solely provide you with all your locum tenens needs without compromising on quality candidates or service due to our vast network of independent recruiters and talented in-house credentialling and account management staff.

According to reports, more than a billion dollars go unclaimed each year as locum tenens revenue. Cure Healthcare Staffing’s revenue management services are specifically motivated to recover such reimbursements. We have a comprehensive solution which is crafted to lower expenses and costs of temporary healthcare professionals through payer sources, insurance providers, and private payers as well.

Locum Tenens Services

  • Credentials
  • Enrollment & coding
  • Healthcare billing
  • Collection services

Physician Transition Management

Cure Healthcare Staffing offers physician transition management to support our partners while restructuring the contracted segments of healthcare centers such as clinics, hospitals, emergency medicine, anesthesia, radiology etc. We assist in operational procedures as well as coordinate and manage complete physician coverage for maximum patient care and reimbursements.

We can offer support to a variety of healthcare organizations. This allows singular accountability for managing and organizing all staffing requirements for an entire firm with the promise of innovative technology, dedicated account management services and round the clock administrative support. Cure Healthcare Staffing can support health care systems of all sizes and quickly implement the services at a solo facility level or system-wide.

Contact our locum’s revenue management – Physician Transition Management Service Providers – 1-800-590-1690 .


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