Direct Hiring

Direct Hiring Services

Full Cycle Staffing Solutions

Cure Healthcare Staffing services bridge the gap between healthcare facilities and talented professionals across the nation. Our recruiters are able to reach out to competent candidates and place them for permanent staffing requirements. We bring the best from our pool of talent that is resourced from our expansive network of recruiter offices throughout the country. Cure Healthcare Staffing is equipped to offer the perfect possible candidates which are highly qualified to fill the most critical clinical positions, managerial vacancies as well as administrative positions required for any facility. We will ensure your organization is supplied with the best staffing candidates available from across the nation and find the best fitting one for your job.

Risk-Free Resourcing Services

Cure Healthcare Staffing leverages our decades of combined industry experience with our extensive network of independent recruiters and state of the art credentialing service to extend the highest standard of direct hire services. Facilities and organizations have a risk free opportunity to implement a seamless workflow and integrate our services to find the best candidates for any positions. Our contracts and agreements are simple and straightforward and provide the best value for your investment.

Excellent Direct Hire Benefits

  • We identify the skill gaps and talent shortages and provide seamless integration of candidates.
  • We apply the latest in recruitment technology and hiring practices.
  • We offer scalable and flexible services for single, multiple or large end contracts.

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