Contingent Staffing

Contingent Staffing Services

The extraordinary hiring and staffing requirements in the healthcare industry today add mounting pressures to HR departments and budgets. Cure Healthcare Staffing services will help manage your organization by providing solutions to your medical staffing demands as well as help contain costs and stay within budget, protecting your investment.

Our services provide supplemental health care for the employees we place with your organization allowing you to avoid high turnover rates. Cure Healthcare Staffing assures complete staffing solutions which include great flexibility to manage the workforce and adhere to the requirements of the organization. Our workforce will provide staff effectiveness and efficiency and will take patient care standards to the next level.

Contingent Staffing Promise:

  • We meet all certification requirements for a diverse range of positions ensuring total compliance with our in-house certification process.
  • We possess an 85% retention rate and an enthusiastic, devoted workforce offering optimum patient care.
  • We cater to a diverse range of operational demands with ease thanks to our global portfolio.


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