The Differences Between Recruiting Travel Nurses and Permanent Staff Members

Recruiting effective professionals in the healthcare industry is a key part of developing an effective facility. When the management of a facility decides to work with travel nurses from Cure Healthcare, they must understand the differences between travel nurses and permanent staff members.

The Role of the Recruiter

In travel nursing, a recruiter is a key part of the hiring process. A recruiter works directly with the travel nurse from the beginning. Unlike a permanent position, where a nurse may only talk to a recruiter briefly if at all, a travel nurse learns about different positions and discusses their career options with a recruiter to find the right fit for their experience.  The two work together to get the best possible position at the best possible pay.

A Large Number of Available Roles

Travel nursing recruiters have an advantage when it comes to placing a nurse in an effective position. Since the recruiter works with multiple facilities and hospitals, they have more positions available for a specialized nurse. It allows a nurse to work in their chosen area of specialization by traveling to a different area or even picking up a local assignment. The recruiter is not limited to a single facility or hospital, which allows a travel nurse recruiter to offer more options and opportunities.  In this day and age, maximizing your return on experience is vital.

The Hiring Decisions

Permanent staff members for a hospital are hired directly by the professionals at the facility. Travel nurses are also hired by the hospital or medical facility, so recruiters act as a middle-man. Recruiters do not hire a travel nurse; instead, they focus on ensuring proper exposure in available positions and connecting a nurse to facilities with an open position.  Agency nurses will always make more money than direct hire nurses.  Sometime the amount is substantially more.

Travel nurses have key advantages when it relates to their career opportunities and experiences. The key is recognizing that a travel nurse works directly with a recruiter and may have more competition for a role due to the recruitment process, but a good recruiter can leverage their relationship with the facility to get their nurse a better opportunity. To learn more about working at a travel nurse, contact Cure Healthcare today.