Cure Healthcare wants all of our nurses to be treated with the highest respect.  Being a registered nurse is one of the most stressful jobs in the US. In fact the American Nurses Association reports that 74 percent of nurses were suffering from the hazardous effects of stress and overwork. The work is emotionally draining as you deal with life and death daily, compacted by long hours and longer shifts. As you work day after day these issues take their toll on your mental, emotional and physical health and lead to burnout.

Based on the reasons, we value the long hours, the calm and capable demeanor and commitment to professionalism nurses bring to the healthcare industry.

Medical Staff Mentors | We are Your Nursing Agent

According to Nursing World by having someone on your side you can overcome stress on the job. A mentor helps you express your concerns without forcing you into the sole position of developing your career. As a middleman of sorts, a mentor, such as a Staffing Agency, will speak up for you via:

  • On immediate workplace issues and concerns
  • By offering career development and medical training to improve your skills
  • By being a listening, and mediating, ear when you need to vent

By partnering with a staffing agency to help you find assignments, you take the guesswork and chore out of finding the best paying jobs that fit your skills.

Flexibility with Work | Stability When You Need It

Combating the rigors of the nursing world is a main priority if you want to avoid burnout. Working 12-hour shifts is only feasible if you have the right mindset according to Everyday Health. Facilities are constantly concerned with adequate staffing levels, training opportunities and patient overload, but where does the voice of the nurse come from?  Unfortunately most nurses are uncomfortable standing up and speaking out about staffing concerns. The solution? Hire a staffing agency that will serve as your voice for staffing situations.

If you are searching for a staffing agency to help you, contact Cure Healthcare Staffing in Texas.