The California Nurses Association plays a key role in your career when you plan to travel to California as a travel nurse or when you want to start a nursing career in the state. At Cure Healthcare, we help you find the right position for your goals when you want to work in California and we recognize the role of the association in your plans.

History of the California Nurses Association

The California Nurses Association was originally founded in 1903 and it remains an important part of the state’s healthcare system. Although it was founded in the early 20th century, it has grown exponentially and now has members from all 50 states. The association has grown by 400 percent in the last 15 years and continues to grow as more nurses become members

Goals of the Association

The goals of the California Nurses Association, or National Nurses United, is giving nurses a voice in the healthcare system. The organization strives to advocate for the needs of patients by recommending the expansion of Medicare and guaranteed healthcare.

Along with encouraging guaranteed healthcare, the association advocates for stronger patient safety laws. By improving the legal system and encouraging better safety standards, patients have a lower risk of complications or errors made by nurses or other healthcare professionals.

The California Nurses Association plays a key role in the way nurses care for their patients. By joining the association when you work as a nurse in California or by working with the association in other states, you add to the voices of nurses and stand for the rights and safety of your patients.