Do you enjoy traveling? Would you love to get out and see the world, while getting paid to do so? For most people the answer is yes, and yes. As a travel nurse you can seize the day and get paid while working over the road. Learn more about the benefits of being a travel nurse, as you choose your next nursing job.

Exploring New Locations

One of the biggest benefits of being a travel nurse is experiencing new places, facilities and coworkers. When you are a traveling nurse you can choose location and facility depending upon your skill set.  Unlike other mundane “office jobs”, as a travel nurse you get to avoid the water cooler gossip, office meetings and boredom of seeing the same walls day after day. If you are tired of dealing with co-worker tensions and workplace drama, then becoming a travel nurse will sound like heaven and will always keep you on your toes!

Expanding Your Skills

Whether you are a home health nurse, an ICU nurse, hospice nurse, or ER Nurse – as a travel nurse you will be involved in a wide range of experiences wherever you choose to go. Yes, you are “on your own”, for the most part, when you go to see your patients. This means you will need to use a variety of skills that are often tag-teamed by other nurses in a hospital or office setting. It’s all up to you, which can be challenging and exciting. However, if you want to expand your skill set as a nurse, this is an excellent opportunity to do so and let’s not forget about all the new friends and colleagues you will meet along the way.  There are a lot of nurses out there waiting to meet you as well.

Money Talks for a Travel Nurse

In addition to getting to see new locations, pay is one of the best benefits of being a travel nurse. For your ability to be an independent nurse you will receive a mighty fine payday. For example, if you are a registered nurse who works in home healthcare services the media annual wage is $63,840, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2015. Compare that to median annual wages for RNs of $60,820 for those working in doctor’s offices, and $60,370 for RNs working in residential care facilities and nursing homes. Plus, you will get to make more money via overtime pay, which is likely considering the distances you will be traveling, while getting paid, to see your patients. Other ways you’ll get paid? Talk to your accountant and make sure to get per diem mileage, lodging and food expenses deducted as work-related expenses when you file your taxes.

Job Security

Among the benefits of being a travel nurse is job security. Let’s say you are concerned about keeping a nursing job in order to gain benefits, such as healthcare and retirement income. As a travel nurse there is always a demand for this type of work. For example, take nurses working in doctor’s offices. You are hired for a specific nursing job. If you are no longer needed or able to do your job effectively, you will be let go. However, as a travel nurse you have more control and demand over your job. Considering the many needs of travel nurses, you can easily transfer from home healthcare to hospice to facilities across the country. Travel nurse is a job title that offers flexibility and stability. Now that you are well versed on the many benefits of being a travel nurse, check out the travel nurse opportunities available to you via Cure Healthcare Staffing.  Contact us today and learn how we can take care of you and your career.