What is the Average Registered Nurse Salary in Texas

For registered nurses looking for RN jobs in Texas, the most common question is “What is the average registered nurse salary.” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the answer is $67,860. This breaks down to a range of from $32.62 to $32.36 an hour. However, you can earn even more money than that if you choose the right path to follow for your registered nursing job in Texas. Here’s how you can do it no matter where you are in your nursing career.

Education First

Start with the base level of training for a registered nurse. You will need to graduate from a nursing program that is accredited by a nationally recognized collegiate program. An RN either:

  • Associates degree in nursing
  • A hospital-affiliated diploma
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
You will spend approximately three years for an associate degree, while a bachelor degree will take at least four years. The BS involves an increased amount of community health work and leadership training. However, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing you are automatically increasing the average registered nurse salary you can expect to earn in Texas.

Specialty certifications are the next move for RNs with a BS in Nursing. Look for certification courses available through the American Nurses Association or the American Nurses Credentialing Center. After completing the required training courses, and meeting the eligibility requirements, you can take a certification exam. Once you pass the exam you will receive the distinction of being a Registered Nurse — Board Certified (RN-BC). This credential will further increase your value as an RN in Texas.

Choosing the Right Job

Registered nursing jobs are widely available in Texas. However, not all jobs will pay you equally. In fact, medical facilities that hire RNs directly pay less than medical staffing agencies. If you get an RN job directly through a facility you will earn $25 to $35 per hour. By getting an RN job through a medical staffing agency, such as Cure Healthcare Staffing in Texas, your pay will increase to approximately $36 to $45 per hour. The obvious choice is to get hired through a medical staffing agency if you want to earn more money as an RN in Texas.

Getting the Pay Advantage

Other ways to increase your pay expectations is to boost your experiences as an RN. If you have a wide range of internships, volunteer positions and job titles that indicate you have experience across the board, and are willing to try new jobs, you will be far more hirable. Someone who is stagnant and simply moving from facility after facility, but never changing their job roles, are seen as lacking motivation and rigid. Nursing homes and medical service providers need RNs who are willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Often times this requires thinking outside of the box and trying new methods. By showing you are willing to take these extra steps you increase the value of yourself when getting hired as an RN in Texas.