Staffing shortages are real. Travel assignments enable quality patient care.

Nurses and healthcare workers are burned out. Healthcare facilities need staff to meet increasing patient demand.

With 20+ years of healthcare staffing experience, Cure is helping nurses and allied health professionals rediscover their love of patient care while providing healthcare facilities with the flexible staffing solutions they need.

We talk to nurses and techs every day who feel overwhelmed. By empowering them with flexibility and ownership of their career, we can keep more qualified healthcare professionals in direct patient care.

Patient care should always come first. That’s why we went through the process to become accredited by the Joint Commission. We only accept staff that meet the Joint Commission quality criteria so we can ensure that short-term staff assignments contribute to quality care rather than detract from it.

Advance your career – on your terms

The Pay You Deserve

We know how stressful your job can be. At Cure, we make sure you never feel underpaid or undervalued.


Choose location, assignment length, and types of shifts – you are in charge of your career. Need a break between assignments – no problem.

Make a Difference

Patients need you. When you work on your terms, you’ll rediscover your love of patient care without the stress of a permanent position.

If you are interested in working with us, please reach out - we would love it!