Are you a travel nurse? Are you planning to drive to your next job? Taking a road trip is a fun and interesting way to start a new job. The key to planning a great road trip and enjoying the process is making sure you have the right strategy for your drive.

Get a Map

Modern conveniences in your car mean you can easily overlook invaluable tools for the trip. Using a GPS gives you a chance to ignore the value of a map. The problem is that your GPS can leave you stranded at unexpected times. You might lose your signal when you drive through a tunnel or a city with large buildings. A big storm can prevent you from getting a good signal. Avoid the headache of getting lost by purchasing a map and keeping it in your car.

Plan Your Route

Before you start your trip, plan your route. By planning the route, you will have a clear idea of your path to your destination. Do not assume that you will just follow a single road to your destination. You will need to change roads and get onto different interstate highways for most road trips. Plan out your route before you travel and make sure you have a plan marked on your map and set up in your GPS.

Have a Back Up Plan

Always have a back up plan for the worst case situation. Do you have a plan if you get a flat tire? Do you have a plan for road construction that makes you take a detour? Consider the possible delays and problems that you might face on you trip. Make sure you have the tools to handle that situation. For example, have a set of tools in your vehicle so you can change a tire. A tent and some camping gear can also help if you cannot find a hotel or motel due to unexpected delays and you need to camp out. Have a few back up plans to handle unexpected challenges.

Use Online Tools

Make use of online tools like Roadtrippers or Roadfood. The two websites help you plan out your trip without wasting your time. They also give you a few ideas about where to stop for your meals, attractions to visit on your trip and places to stay when you are stopping for the night. You can look at information online or use an application on your phone.

Add Fuel to Your Budget

Do not forget to add fuel to your budget. The easiest budgeting mistake on a road trip is forgetting to calculate your fuel costs. Do not assume that the cost of fuel is the same in every state. It differs based on the state and the location. Give yourself some wiggle room and plan out the cost of fuel in your travel budget.

Give Yourself Extra Time

A road trip takes longer than a flight or other transportation. You can also run into unexpected delays. Give yourself a few extra days to reach your destination. It will make your trip more relaxing and fun. It also gives you time to stop and enjoy a few attractions during your drive.

Moving to a new location as a travel nurse doesn’t mean you have to take a flight. You can enjoy a fun road trip and take the scenic route to your new job. The key is proper planning and having a strategy for unexpected challenges.