5 Health Tips for Travel Nurses Moving in the Spring

Spring is a time of change. The winter weather fades and the temperatures start to rise. It is also the season for allergies and pollen. When you are starting a new assignment and need to travel during the spring months, you want to prepare for the potential health concerns that may arise.

Focus on Healthy Food Choices

Your choices depend on the way you travel and your trip. If you plan to travel by a vehicle, then you have more options when compared to traveling by a plane. A key advantage of driving to your new assignment is the chance to make healthy foods for your trip. Pack fruits and vegetables for your snacks. Have plenty of water in the car. Stop at local grocery stores or farmer’s markets as you travel to your new assignment.

If you decide to fly, then opt for the healthiest option on the plane. Airports do not always have many restaurants, but you can also eat before a flight or before you go to the airport. Stay hydrated while flying to stay healthy.

Plan for Allergies

Allergies are a complicated problem in spring. You may have allergies in one location and find that you do not have allergies in other areas. The local plants contribute to allergic reactions, so you want to expect some allergies during your travels. Prepare with the proper measures to limit your exposure to plant pollens or other allergens. Keep the windows on a vehicle closed while you drive and have the air cycled through the car. If your vehicle has a system to filter out allergens, then use the filtering system.

Expect Sicknesses from Other Travelers

The challenge with traveling during any time of the year is the spread of sicknesses. Passengers on a plane spend hours in the same small space. A single sick individual can spread a cold or flu to the entire plane.

Limit your risk by taking measures to strengthen your immune system. Create a plan of action in case you do get a cold or flu while traveling. By preparing in advance, you reduce the risks to your health.

Exercise Regularly

Diet and exercise play a key role in your health. As a travel nurse, you may find it difficult to squeeze in time for your exercise. When you are driving to a new assignment, plan ahead and give yourself time to stop regularly. Get out of your vehicle, walk around and take time for a short exercise routine. The light exercise will prevent poor circulation and helps you stay awake during a long drive.

On a plane, get up regularly to walk up and down the aisles. It helps with circulation and helps you stay healthy. After you arrive, set up an exercise schedule based on your work schedule.

Spring is a challenging time of year due to the allergens and changes to the weather. By taking the time to evaluate the risks to your health, you can prepare for the possibilities and stay healthy while you travel to your new assignment.

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