Do you know what a registered nurse job description involves? As you consider whether or not a job as an RN is right for you, start with the basics. Here is a breakdown of a general registered nurse job description. Use this to help you determine if you are the right fit for getting an education and training as an RN.

Basics of a Registered Nurse Job Description

A registered nurse job description has certain responsibilities that come with the job title. In general you will be performing physical exams on patients in conjunction with examining their health history. You will use this information to figure out what is the best action to take to care for your patients. This requires critical thinking skills, in addition to advanced nursing training, to help you interpret your patients’ information. You will be expected to care for wounds, administer medications, and intervene in emergencies. Most likely you will do this in a supervisor’s position by managing licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and nurse aides. Of course you won’t be acting alone in the matters of healthcare. You’ll also be coordinating care with other healthcare professionals, such as primary care physicians and surgeons.

Advanced Expectations of an RN

In addition to doing your daily duties as a registered nurse you’ll be expected to go out of the clinic or office from time to time. During these periods your mission will be to provide health information to the public either via counseling or through public education platforms. For example, you may be asked to represent your doctor’s office at a health fair at a local college, or you might have to give a lecture at a healthcare forum. These are part and parcel to the registered nurse job duties that you signed on for, and are expected of most RNs. Additional duties include conducting research to help improve patient and practice outcomes.

Places Where Registered Nurses Work

Most registered nurses work with the patient population. Some of the most common places RNs work include hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, community health centers, ERs, and schools. However, you should also note that prisons, refugee camps, homeless shelters, and tourist destinations are looking for individuals who can handle registered nurse job duties. Some registered nurses choose to stay on the research route as a statistician rather than working in hospital or clinic settings. You can also choose to take an educator’s role by working as a trainer or instructor at a nursing school.

As you consider your work environment take a look at the physical demands your job will entail. As a registered nurse you will be on your feet and walking for hours on end. Additionally, you’ll need to bend and lift patients often, which can take its toil on your back. You will be dealing with patients who have infectious diseases that involve following protocols to ensure you aren’t infected. Overall, being an RN requires you to take care of your own physical health so you can help others. By noting the typical registered nurse job duties you are on the right path toward determining if this nursing job is for you. Connect with a RN job with Cure Healthcare Staffing today!