Moving to a new location for a travel nurse position means you will have a few loose ends to tie up. You do not want to face undue challenges or problems because you forgot to handle an important detail before the move. Fortunately, you can reduce your stress as you travel by taking a few key steps before the move.

Get a P.O. Box

A P.O. box is an easy way to handle your mail when you go on an assignment. Change your mailing address to the P.O. box and pay for the box for the duration of your trip or an entire year. You will not need to worry about important mail getting lost or stolen from your house or a previous apartment when you have a P.O. box with your mail.

Talk to Loved Ones

Do not ignore your loved ones. Talk to them about your itinerary and plans. Make sure they know where you are planning to arrive and the time of your flight. You can also keep them up-to-date with the assignment and your expectations after you complete the assignment.

Take Care of Your Bills

Do not leave your bills sitting around until you return. Make sure you inform any companies that give you a bill about your plans. You may need to change your phone service or ask the company to change your location to avoid roaming charges. You also want to make sure you stop a newspaper delivery to your home and stop services like electricity, water or other utilities. Inform the company that you are moving for a short time and will contact them when you return.

Travel nursing means you will move regularly for your job. By tying up loose ends before you leave, you can focus on the needs of your patients without unnecessary distractions.

As always, remember that a travel nurse spends time out on the road, so a vehicle is an important part of your career. When you plan to drive to your next job, you should check your vehicle before the trip to avoid problems.