3 Tips for Self-Storage As a Travel Nurse

As a travel nurse, you will face challenges when it comes to packing and maintaining your belongings. You can move from one state to a different state in a period of three months. While traveling is a fun aspect of the career, it also raises concerns about maintaining and storing your personal belongings. By taking steps to consider the challenges of keeping your belongings safe while you work as a travel nurse, you will avoid unnecessary challenges with your furniture or other large items.

Find a Large Enough Space

Assume that you will put most of your furniture and large items in storage when you are out of town or moving to a new area. You do not always have the luxury of moving your furniture to a new assignment. If you want to move back to your hometown between assignments, then you also want to keep your personal belongings in your hometown.

Before you start packing up your items for self-storage, take the time to measure the items. Find out how much space you need and make sure you are able to pack up items in boxes. Do not assume that the smallest space will always work for your self-storage needs. Get a space that will fit all of your belongings.

Focus on Secure Self-Storage Spaces

Security is a key part of self-storage. You do not want to rent a space that has no security measures. Research your options and look for a place that offers some form of security. Ideally, you want to rent a place that has a gate, security cameras and 24 hour access to those who rent the space. Avoid a self-storage space that has limited security features.

As a travel nurse, the 24 hour access plays a key role in your goals. You may arrive in your hometown at any time of the day or night. When you need access to your belongings at odd hours, you want to be able to get into your storage unit. You should also consider your proximity to your home or loved ones when you select a facility.

Consider Climate Control

Climate control in a self-storage facility means you do not need to worry about damage to your belongings from excessive cold or excessive heat. Keep in mind that these facilities do not have the level of insulation you find in a house or residential property. By getting a climate controlled storage unit, you will be able to set a temperature that keeps your belongings in good condition.

This is a particular concern when you have sensitive or delicate belongings in storage. For example, an expensive leather couch might not hold up well in extreme temperatures or when the temperature fluctuates throughout the year. By getting a climate controlled self-storage unit, you can focus on your work as a travel nurse and not worry about your delicate belongings.

Self-storage is an important part of travel nursing. It takes your mind off your personal belongings when you are traveling and working. It allows you to focus on your new position as a travel nurse without unnecessary distractions that come from your hometown.

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