A travel nurse spends more time looking for a job when compared to other nurses. That means you need a stellar and updated resume that catches the attention of potential employers. The key is avoiding mistakes and bad advice that will make it harder for a future employer.

Leaving Your License Number Off the Resume

As a travel nurse, you will have a nursing license number in multiple states. You do not want to leave your license number off your resume because it will complicate the process. A hiring manager does not always have the time to look up your license number in a state database. That means you get skipped over for the job because a hospital or medical facility may ask for a background check using your license number.

Avoiding Your GPA

Resume writing advice will often suggest that you ignore your GPA. As a nurse, this is not always the best idea for your resume. An excellent GPA can be the deciding factor between two potential candidates. It shows a willingness to put in the work to learn the skills and information a nurse needs in a clinical setting. 

Ignoring Your Contacts

When you look at advice related to resumes, you may notice that you are often told to follow the chain of command. While this may apply in some careers and fields, it is not great advice for a nurse to ignore his or her contacts. If you met a hiring director at a conference or another event, then send your resume to the individual and ask for consideration for a position. It may not result in a job every time, but your network plays an important role in your career opportunities.

Your resume is the first impression you make on a potential employer. As a travel nurse, you want it to stand out without giving up on simplicity. By taking the time to list relevant information, you help a hiring manager finalize their choice to give you an interview.