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  • Company culture based on our mission
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  • 1000’s of full-time 13 week assignments nationally
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  • White glove approach to credentialing
  • W2 pay with non-taxable stipends available
  • Very competitive pay rates
  • No-hassle weekly pay via direct deposit
  • Acceptance & friendship from a dedicated team.
  • Prizes, recognition and exposure for outstanding work
  • Diverse and inclusive culture encouraging different perspectives and new ideas
  • Networking of thousands of caregivers nationally
  • Insurance benefits
  • Referral bonuses
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Nationwide network of professional recruiters
  • RN help desk & In-House Training
  • Assignment flexibility that fits your style
  • Professional culture utilizing best practices and innovation
  • Exceptional public image with great testimonials from nurses

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Hospital Jobs

Taking on a nursing career allows you to work in a variety of medical facilities. While hospital jobs are not your only option, they do offer a variety of positions in multiple areas of specialization for nursing professionals. Understanding the advantages of working in hospital jobs can help you make decisions about your career opportunities.

Working Directly With Specialized Doctors

A key reason to consider hospital jobs as a nurse is the ability to work with specialized doctors and medical professionals. You work directly under a doctor and help patients in specific areas of medical care. You can work in pediatrics, emergency treatment, intensive care or even surgical positions when you work in a hospital.

Caring for Patients in Emergency Situations

Emergency situations are often handled by a hospital rather than a small medical facility. Since hospitals have more equipment and a larger medical staff, patients seek treatment for emergencies in the facility. If you prefer to work with patients in emergency situations, then a hospital is the ideal environment for your career goals.

Gaining Experience in Your Preferred Field

Working in hospital jobs allow you to gain experience in your preferred area of specialization. If you have specialized skills, then working in a hospital allows you to use your skills to the maximum potential. It also allows you to gain more experience in a specific area while you build your career and work toward long-term goals. Smaller facilities may not offer the number of specialized fields or services as a hospital due to lack of funding or limited equipment.

Hospital jobs give you greater opportunities for growth in your career and the chance to work with patients in a variety of settings. It also gives you an exciting place of work where you can help a large number of patients while learning from more experienced professionals.

Travel Nurse Jobs Near Me

Working as a travel nurse does not necessarily mean taking a contract in a different state or country. You can find local contracts when looking for travel nurse jobs near me and stay in a local environment. Unlike the traditional travel nursing opportunities, you do not need to leave your local area and you still gain the benefits of working as a travel nurse.

The Local Contract

A local contract is any travel nurse job opportunity in your local area. Since you do not need to travel or obtain additional licensing for the job, you can start shortly after signing the contract. It provides many of the benefits of travel nursing, but you are closer to your home and may even have contracts within a short distance from your current residence.

Clarifying Your Preferences

Before you look for travel nurse jobs near me and sign a contract, clarify your needs and preferences. If you want to work in a job that is close to home, then look for opportunities closer to your current location. You can also look for benefits in relation to hours, shifts and housing. Local contracts provide similar benefits to traveling contracts, but allow you to stay within a preferred area.

Signing a Contract

The final step of working as a travel nurse in your local area is signing a contract. The contract gives you the details regarding the duration of the position, your responsibilities and your benefits. Read the details to ensure a specific position appeals to your preferences as a healthcare professional.

It is not necessary to travel long distances for your nursing career, even if you want to stay out of the workplace politics of a specific medical facility. You can work on a local contract to get the benefits you expect while staying within a reasonable distance of your preferred location and home.

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Types of Nursing Jobs

Developing a career in nursing starts with understanding the types of nursing jobs available for your area of specialization. As a travel nurse, you have the opportunity to work in your chosen field and area of expertise. You can become the type of nurse that appeals to your skills and career goals.

Telemetry Jobs

Telemetry nurses work in technological fields and monitor a patient’s signs of life. The job generally requires the nurse to monitor a patient with severe and potentially deadly conditions.

Emergency Care Positions

As the name suggests, an emergency care nurse works in the emergency room of a medical facility. They work in a fast-paced environment and need to keep up with the unexpected challenges that may arise in an emergency setting.

Home Health Care Positions

As older generations start needing more health care, positions in home health nursing are an option for travel nurses. The position allows a nurse to work directly with a patient on a one-on-one basis in the individual’s home.

Intensive Care Jobs

Intensive care nurses work in the intensive care unit with medical doctors. Since their patients may have severe injuries or health conditions, they must be willing and able to handle the challenges of severe health complications.

Surgical and Operating Room Nursing Positions

Working with a surgeon in an operating room is a high-stress position for any nurse. The surgical and operating room nurses must have the skills to keep up with a surgeon during a procedure.

Oncology Jobs

Oncology nurses assist medical doctors when a patient has cancer or has a risk of cancer. Since the patients are diagnosed with cancer or seek treatment to verify if they have cancer, oncology nurses need the skills to help calm a patient and explain treatments to an individual who may have fears about their life.

Pediatric Positions

Pediatric nurses work directly with children and must have the patience to handle the challenges of a child’s curiosity, fears and behaviors. The age group a nurse works with may vary based on the facility.

The types of nursing jobs relate directly to areas of specialization and the needs of a medical facility. Depending on your skills and training, you may have a variety of career opportunities available as a nurse.

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