Cure Healthcare Staffing (Cure Staffing, LLC) Signs Agreement to Provide Staffing Services for Mesquite Specialty Hospital

Austin, TX – May 15, 2015

Cure Healthcare Staffing has added Mesquite Specialty Hospital to its list of employers seeking the outsourced staffing services of an agency specializing in health care industry occupations. As a part of Ernest Health, Inc., Mesquite Specialty Hospital provides care for patients who have experienced a catastrophic injury or illness. The staffing needs for this facility will range from skilled trauma nurses to physicians with experience working with acute care patients. This agreement between Cure Healthcare Staffing and Mesquite Specialty Hospital showcases a local partnership to the benefit of the Texas job market.

Offering Staffing Support to MSH

Mesquite Specialty Hospital opened in 2006 as a facility providing long-term medical care for patients who are undergoing high-quality rehabilitation and medicine services during an extensive recovery process. The staff members at MSH care for patients suffering from wounds, trauma, infectious diseases, stroke, cardiovascular disease, amputation and respiratory failure as well as those requiring ventilator weaning. As a result, the staff brought on by Mesquite Specialty Hospital must be skilled and specialized to handle such patient loads. Cure Healthcare Staffing is more than prepared to meet the demand for superior staffing at this hospital, and its staffing team is thrilled to accept this challenge.

Cure Healthcare Staffing CEO Brandon Armstrong states, “Cure Healthcare Staffing is honored to enter an agreement with Mesquite Specialty Hospital. Mesquite Specialty is based upon the core beliefs of treating everyone with dignity and respect. Based on these beliefs, we know that our partnership will be long-lasting and successful.”

Cure Healthcare Staffing Services

For Mesquite Specialty Hospital’s staffing needs, Cure Staffing, LLC, can offer a wide range of services including:

  • Nursing
  • Therapy
  • Allied health
  • Pharmacy
  • Administrative support

Specific occupations staffed by Cure Healthcare Staffing include, but are not limited to, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, speech-language pathologists, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, office managers, and picture archive and communication system administrators. Cure Staffing, LLC, has the capacity to provide total staffing service for Mesquite Specialty Hospital. This is due in part to the ever-growing presence of Cure Staffing, LLC, within the Texas health care network. Individuals interested in working for Mesquite Specialty Hospital can seek employment through the staffing services of Cure Staffing, LLC.

About Cure Healthcare Staffing

Cure Healthcare Staffing, also known as Cure Staffing, LLC, provides staffing services to businesses in the Texas area. Through a focus on health care staffing, Cure Healthcare Staffing ensures that the services it affords hospitals, clinics and medical offices will exceed their expectations. By utilizing medical staffing services via Cure Healthcare Staffing, human resource departments in the medical setting can focus on other aspects of their job, such as employee training. Cure Staffing, LLC, has several locations throughout Texas, including offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Staffing for the medical industry using the local company of Cure Healthcare Staffing allows businesses to outsource their staffing needs without straying too far from the home front. To find out more about staffing within the medical industry, or to apply for work at Mesquite Specialty Hospital, contact Cure Healthcare Staffing.

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