USMD Hospital at Arlington Partners with Cure Healthcare Staffing for Sourcing Medical Staff

Austin, TX – May 15, 2015

Cure Healthcare Staffing is expanding its reach of staffing partnerships with an agreement with USMD Hospital at Arlington to supply its staffing needs. Located in Arlington, Texas, USMD Hospital provides state-of-the-art medical treatments for patients. Cure Healthcare Staffing, with locations throughout Texas, is proud to be associated with this medical institute in its mission to source qualified professionals for its medical staff.

USMD Hospital at Arlington Staffing Needs

Established in 2003, USMD is a hospital with a visionary status. USMD is known as the first medical hospital in the state to feature robot-assisted surgeries. In addition to pioneering the da Vinci® robotic radical prostatectomy, USMD has perfected the use of robotics in surgical procedures, having successfully completed more than 4,500 robotic surgeries since the implementation of this technology. The physicians and medical staff employed at USMD are capable of working in a fast-paced and modernized environment that offers technological advancements that exceed the expectations of traditional hospital settings. Specific medical services provided by the staff at USMD include:

  • Surgical procedures, such as general surgery, otolaryngology (ENT), plastic surgery and vascular surgery
  • Robotic surgery, including urological care, gynecological surgery and bariatric surgery performed by a robotic surgery team
  • CyberKnife robotic radio surgery
  • Oncology
  • Pain management
  • Men’s services, including care for issues such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction, and cryosurgery for prostate cancer
  • Women’s services, including breast health care, robot-assisted hysterectomy, and gynecology

Of the agreement to provide staffing for USMD Hospital, Cure Healthcare Staffing’s CEO, Brandon Armstrong, notes that “Cure Healthcare Staffing is proud to announce the recent partnership with USMD Hospital at Arlington. USMD was seeking a staffing firm built on reliability, trust and excellence to deliver quality caregivers for its growing facility.  The selection of Cure as its trusted partner, further confirms that Cure Healthcare Staffing has the right mission and people to deliver results.”

Providing staffing services for this high-tech, innovative medical hospital is a major milestone for Cure Healthcare Staffing. This partnership creates a local connection between these two Texas-based businesses. As USMD requires staffing for various departments and medical teams, the hospital will be able to source local employment through Cure Healthcare Staffing. Individuals who are qualified to work for USMD Hospital should seek staffing opportunities via the staffing services of Cure Healthcare Staffing.

About Cure Healthcare Staffing

Cure Staffing, LLC, operates as Cure Healthcare Staffing in the Texas locales of Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. The goal of Cure Healthcare Staffing is to provide medical staffing services to local Texas businesses in the health care industry. Services offered by Cure Staffing include nursing, therapy, allied health, administrative support, pharmacy, therapy, health information technology, health information management, and medical billing and coding. Individuals interested in working in the Texas health care industry can contact Cure Healthcare Staffing regarding openings in the area. Additionally, qualified applicants hoping to work for USMD Hospital at Arlington can search for openings via the Cure Healthcare Staffing online job search portal.

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